i can't say enough about Mac & Cheese
! amy and hollis are incredibly
organized and fun to work with but
their creativity is what makes their
books stand out. my son's baby book is
truly the one item that i would grab
other than my son if my house was
burning to the ground. the books are
beautiful inside and out and the girls
make the process so personal by
including your opinions throughout
the entire process. i feel so blessed that
someday i'll be able to give my son the
book of his first year of life in pictures
and letters.

-amy, new york, ny

Mac & Cheese Design has re-invented
photo albums -- these books are sharp,
clean cut, sophisticated and all with a
personal touch.

-melinda, new york, ny



for years, my mom kept her old photos
in cardboard boxes in the attic, so when
I brought a big stack of the pictures
to Mac & Cheese Design, i knew it was
a huge task due to the condition and
disorganization of the photos. a few
months later when i received the final
product, i was in awe: the beauty of the
book surpassed my wildest expectations.
the quality of each page was remarkable;
the thought that went into design and
format was evident; and most impor-
tant, my family's memories were per-
fectly preserved. we are now in the
process of creating a photo library with
the help of Mac & Cheese Design, one
cardboard box at a time.

-erin, new york, ny

Mac & Cheese Design has an uncanny
ability to make photographs come to life.
their books are 5-star all the way! it is
said that a picture is worth a thousand
words; these books are worth a million!

-lisle, new york, ny

from layout to production, Mac & Cheese
handled all of the details. our
wedding book is beautifully done and we
love it. there is no better way to preserve
the wonderful memories of your wedding
day than a Mac & Cheese Design book.

-emily, richmond, va